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Exterior Carpentry Repairs

Maplewood, Westfield, Summit, Plainfield, Morris, Union and Essex Counties

Our team is ready to go for any exterior carpentry repairs you may need. For more than one century, Hart & Sons, Inc. has repaired roofs, siding, window and door frames, dormers and porches. We are expert craftsmen with the equipment and inventory to make any exterior repair both residential and commercial. 

When you are looking for an expert repair that uses traditional European craftsmanship that you know will be done right, Contact Hart & Sons, Inc. at (973) 761-7676.

Window Framing Repair
Rotted Wood Repair

Types of exterior carpentry damage we repair

Hart & Sons, Inc. can handle any of your exterior repair needs for both residential and commercial properties. Here are some of the common repairs we make.

Windows – One of the more common issues we see is the frames and trim on windows are rotted and need to be replaced. 

Siding – Damage is often found on the shady side of a house where paint may peel or wear faster than other parts. Cedar shakes or clapboard become soft.

Dormers – Improper or worn flashings, and missing or damaged sheathing are the usual suspect with dormer damage often requiring replacement of framing boards.

Roofing – So many things can go wrong with your roof from missing shingles or tiles, damage facia, gap in soffits, flashing issues, chimney leaks and much more. All these can weaken underlying boards and wood.

Fascia board – Carpenter bees are relentless on wood facia. They make holes and can weaken this critical component of a roof system. Facia can also be destroyed from falling gutters that constantly overflow or are damaged by ice buildup.

Eaves with soffit – Often neglected with proper painting, and frequently damaged from storms, the eaves can warp or become disconnected, allowing insects and weather to enter the roof. This can result in further damage or mold growth.

Skylight – Leaks are very common from storms, a weakened roof or improper installation. 

Wood deck repairs – Rotted planks, stairs and railings are a natural part of the aging process of a deck. You can extend the life of a wood deck by replacing deteriorating pieces and regular upkeep.

Wood trim repair – The exterior of a home usually has many wood trim parts that can warp, disconnect from the property, rot or have insect damage. 

Porch repair, railings and balusters –  Wear and tear on your porch can come from weather, excess foot traffic, lack of maintenance, and fallen objects causing an eyesore or unsafe entry.

Portico & covered porches– This porch covering can be damaged in a storm or suffer from rotted boards.

Exterior columns – Typically holding up balcony or porch roof, columns are often neglected with paint and subject to insect damage.

Exterior stair replacement – Loose handrails, weakened steps happen with age and can be dangerous if not repaired.

Exterior doors – Sometimes storm damage or insects can ruin the trim or frame of your door. Misaligned doors may not close properly causing security and other issues.

Drip molding – This little strip of molding is critical in moving water away from your windows and doors. They often get clogged with excess paint.

Replacement shutters – Storms and improper painting are two reasons you may need to replace shutters. Unique styles are often hard to find in a retail store and may need to be custom manufactured.

Bay and Bow window repair – Heavy weight of these windows puts constant pressure on wood supports that can become weakened with weather over time.

Bilco door issues – Constant opening and closing of Bilco doors can cause misalignment, broken concrete frame or disconnect from the house.

Cupola, dentil molding and other decorative parts – These features can often be neglected in painting and regular maintenance causing them to be loose or damaged.


Common reasons your property may need exterior carpentry repairs

Roofing, siding, windows and doors protect the interior of your property from the elements. But regular maintenance is needed to keep these critical components at their peak performance. When given the chance, the factors noted here will cause damage and need to be repaired right away.

Water damage

The biggest culprit causing damage to a home or building is water. Rain, floods, and melting snow will constantly seek out unprotected wood and seep in, causing rot and deterioration.

Improper painting

We see this all the time. Instead of making a needed repair before painting, soft or rotted wood is covered over only to make an issue worse.

Insects and mice

Ants, mice and other pests chip away at weak spots in your home to get in. This can allow water in, causing wood to quickly rot.

Termite damage

Termites will chew through wood very quickly. They can hollow out boards and you won’t even know they are there. 

Carpenter bee damage

Carpenter bees love to bore holes in fascia boards along your roof line. You may have a whole colony of bees living in your house that will continue to destroy an important protective barrier of your home.

Storm damage

Violent New Jersey storms wreak havoc on homes and commercial buildings. Heavy winds can rip off shingles, shutters, gutters and siding. Fallen branches can puncture a hole right through a roof and destroy framing underneath. 

Foundation shifts

Normal settling of a foundation can cause misalignment of windows and doors, allow gaps in siding and weaken a roof.

Wood window frame replacement

Sometimes your window is fine but the frame or molding around the window becomes rotted due to improper painting, or just being on the shady side of a house.

Wood rot 

Small amounts of rotten wood lead to large amounts of rotten wood. Water, insects, mice and weather can create small openings that lead to a much larger problem when not fixed right away.

Roof leak caused mold

Small amounts of water leaking from a roof or other area can settle on a surface and eventually attract mold. This may require the moldy boards and wood to be removed and replaced.

Our process for exterior carpentry repairs in Maplewood, Westfield, Plainfield, Summit and beyond

  1. First we will provide a property inspection to determine the extent of damage and identify all possible remedies.
  2. Next we will give you an estimate for all the options to make any needed repairs. Sometimes you will have choices such as better quality replacement parts or a simple patch instead of replacing an entire area.
  3. Once you have decided how you would like us to proceed, we will schedule a date and time to complete the repairs.
  4. Many times our clients require us to manufacture custom components such as unique sized boards or ornamental woodwork. We do this in our manufacturing facility in Plainfield.

Custom Woodwork for your Architectural and Historical restoration needs

One of the advantages you have working with Hart & Sons, Inc. is that we own a 20,000 square foot manufacturing shop in Plainfield, NJ where we can create custom parts for your home or building. Our plant includes all types of woodworking equipment as well as metal fabrication equipment. Many of our clients take advantage of:

Custom wood flooring and siding

We have thousands of different boards of different lengths, widths and wood types. If we don’t have what we need in stock to complete a restoration of your property, we can often make them.

Manufacture single or multiple replica wood carved or routed components

When you need to replace a unique feature of your home such as artistic railings, special dentil moldings, or routed designs in wood, our team are expert craftsmen with the tools and experience to recreate whatever you need.

Access to all types of wood

Oak, Cherry, Maple, you name it we got it… in stock! Our warehouse is stocked with everything we might need to make repairs to your house or commercial building. We custom manufacture each piece to perfection so our clients get the best quality.

We’re equipped for large and commercial exterior carpentry projects

We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all home and business exterior carpentry repairs. 

Our team is composed of dedicated and experienced staff who are all employees. Many of our team have been with us for decades and have learned their crafts from their fathers.

You are unlikely to find any carpenter in New Jersey that has a manufacturing facility fully stocked with the equipment needed to do any repair. 

Our warehouse is stocked 20 feet high with thousands and thousands of boards of every type and dimension so we are ready to use it as needed.

Also, our crews are fully trained and skilled at every type of exterior repair so if your project requires more than just carpentry, we can do it all including metal fabrication, slate, tile, flat roofing, skylights, masonry repairs.

Experienced carpentry service in Maplewood and Plainfield, New Jersey

Contact Hart & Sons, Inc. for all your exterior carpentry repair needs in Maplewood, Westfield, Summit, Plainfield and throughout Union, Morris and Essex Counties. Call Hart & Sons, Inc at (973) 761-7676.

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