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Most companies will tell a consumer that their chimney has to be torn down completely. The main reason for that there a very few professional brick pointers around anymore. There is more of a profit in a tear down compared to repointing of the chimney.

We pride ourselves on being able to save many chimney from the fate of being torn down. When you tear a chimney down, the chances of getting an exact match for the colour and texture of the original bricks is very unlikely.

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In case we do have to tear a chimney down, provide samples for the consumer to choose from (unless of course we find a very close match, then no samples are provided).

Many times we can just tear down a few rows and save the remainder of the original chimney. By repointing of the chimneys we are able to save the heritage look of your home.


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Choosing a roofing contractor is a major decision for some as there are many choices. Most homeowners know what they want, however, they do not know what they need for a complete professional job. We hope to educate our clients and visually allow them to see a comparison and talk to past clients and visit our work.

Please contact us today and we will be happy to arrange an appointment to answer all your questions and address your needs.

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