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When you have a concrete, brick or stone surface that is damaged, it is crucial that an experienced NJ masonry repair contractor fix the issue right away. Water penetrating cracks can cause much more extensive damage beyond what could be a simple repair. 

Hart & Sons, Inc has a dedicated team of experienced masonry contractors who can solve your issues promptly and properly.  Contact us today at 973-761-7676


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Common masonry repairs on NJ homes and businesses

Union, Essex and Morris Counties are known for experiencing all seasons from frosty winters to blazing hot summers. This can cause a variety of issues with cement, stone and brickwork.

Our Masonry Services

Historical Restoration

Many older homes and buildings were custom built with unique foundations, features and craftsmanship. When undergoing a historic renovation it is critical to choose a masonry repair contractor who understands the unique aspects of the structure along with the skill to perform all the tasks. We have been doing this for three generations and many of our employees have learned European craftsmanship (that you typically see in NJ historic buildings) from their fathers.

Many times architectural restorations require more than just mason work. We are fully prepared to handle all types of carpentry such as repairs to windows, dormers, custom wood floors, slate roof repairs, shingle roofing as well as metal fabrication.

Steps Repair and Rebuild

Many homes throughout Northern New Jersey were built with cement and brick steps. Over decades, these steps going into your home or apartment can crack and deteriorate. Our professional masons can restore your broken steps so they look fantastic and are safe to use.

Typical issues we find include:

  • Chipped or broken corners
  • Cracks
  • Loose or missing bricks
  • Damaged mortar
  • Hairline cracks
  • Cracked concrete stair treads
  • Concrete Porch Repair (& stoops)

Starting in the 1950s, many homes were built with a poured concrete slab for a porch or stoop. They were cost effective and quick to install. After many years of bitter cold New Jersey Winters and blazing hot summers, the cement surface will experience freeze and thaws that can cause cracks, chips, and decay of the cement.

Most of the time these structures are very solid and only need minor repairs to rejuvenate the structure. Of course, the sooner a repair is made the better.

Foundation cracks

Throughout the beautiful towns of Maplewood, South Orange, Westfield and beyond there are scores of homes built in the mid-1900s with cinder block basements and foundations. In time, mortar between the blocks can break down causing hairline cracks or worse.

Sometimes small chunks of the outer cement layer peel off which are typically easy to repair. Other times, water may have penetrated the cracks causing bulging or a major separation of blocks so a larger repair may be needed.

Older homes may have a brick or stone foundation with missing mortar and shifting parts.

Chimney Pointing

Between harsh weather conditions and chemical vapors escaping a home, chimney mortar can become weak and will eventually need to be replaced. Our team are experts at brick pointing and can get your house safe and functional very quickly.

Chimney Repair & Rebuilding

Water, ice, hail, animals and insects can cause havoc with chimneys from damage to the flue to wood rot and mold. We can replace your flue pipe, rebuild your chimney and even match any brick that needs to be replaced. We have an enormous inventory of bricks in our warehouse you won’t find anywhere else.

Brick Repair (siding, walls, fireplace)

Small shifts in a house or structure can put excess pressure on brick causing them to split, crack or deteriorate. Our team can evaluate the best course of action to eliminate issues, then repair or replace any damaged brick.

Concrete Sidewalk & Patio Repair

We often see damage to concrete slabs from tree roots, ice build up and improper installation. After viewing your concrete sidewalk or patio, we will give you all options for repair.

How to tell if concrete needs repair?

Sometimes the signs that a repair to concrete is obvious such as missing bricks, large visible cracks or chunks of broken cement top coat are missing.

Other times, needed masonry repairs may be less revealing including hairline cracks, bubbling paint or deteriorating mortar and grout. The trained experts at Hart & Sons, Inc. can spot these issues and more and work with you on the right path to corrective action.

What We Do for Our Clients

When we restore a masonry facade, porch, stairs, foundation or sidewalk, our mission is to do it the right way. Taking shortcuts to give you a lowball offer is not in our agenda.

We specialize in restoration projects that sometimes require more extensive work than other contractors can handle. That’s because we have the specialized equipment and experience to custom fabricate nearly any component of a repair.

Our crews are employees fully trained on repointing, caulking, epoxy injection, brick laying, and exterior wall coatings. We know how to correctly pour cement, replace damaged brick, and attached stone. Most importantly, you can be sure we will repair any issues that may cause future deterioration of your home or building.

Who uses our NJ masonry repair service

Many of the masonry repairs we complete are part of larger repairs such as replacing a roof or rebuilding dormer windows. 

Few masons have the skill, equipment and know how to handle such a wide array of issues. That is often how contractors take short cuts. 

Hart & Sons, Inc. has been helping homeowners and businesses throughout Northern New Jersey with minor and major masonry repairs for many decades. Some of the folks who use our service include:

  • Home owners
  • Churches
  • Historical buildings
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Commercial buildings

Contact our Maplewood masonry repair contractors for excellent results

When you have a masonry repair that you want fixed correctly, contact Hart & Sons, Inc located in Maplewood, NJ. For more than 100 years our company has restored cement, brick, and stone on homes, businesses, churches and schools throughout Northern New Jersey. We are prepared to handle every type of structural issue with our home or commercial building. When your investment is worth fixing correctly, call 973-761-7676.


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