Your Plainfield Roofing Contractors

When your roof starts to go, having it replaced quickly and properly will help you to avoid costly issues. Hart & Sons, Inc. has been fixing roof issues and exterior damage for more than a century. Our clients get old world craftsmanship you won’t easily find elsewhere. If you are experiencing any type of issue with your roof or damage to the exterior of your home contact the expert Plainfield Roofing Contractors, Hart & Sons, Inc. at (908) 755-7000! 

Our State of the Art Manufacturing Shop in Plainfield

Hart & Sons, Inc is much more than just a roofing contractor. We own and operate a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the heart of Plainfield. Located at the old historic Sears building where prefab homes were manufactured, our modern day shop has all the equipment needed to customize any wood or metal features for your home or business.

Many of our employees have learned skills from their fathers and have advanced since then. When you need custom wood flooring damaged by a flood, special wall boards, new railings or cabinets created… we do it all.

Most roofing companies today skimp on the fine details such as using proper metal flashings. But, our team has complete metal fabrication equipment to custom manufacture the exact parts needed. That means no leaks or errors when repairing or replacing your expensive roof.

Our Plainfield site also houses some of the largest inventory of slate, tile, brick and wood in the Northeast. That means we have the products on hand to exactly match the components needed to repair your house or building.

Experienced Roofing Specialist Tailor Services to Plainfield, NJ Client Priorities

When you contact us for repairs, we will give you the complete picture. Often times clients call us to replace a roof and we let them know all they need is a fairly minor repair. Sometimes, clients want a minor repair but there is more damage than is visible to the eye. While this unplanned repair can cost more than expected, Hart & Sons, Inc. will provide you with options where you can choose the level of repair that is right for you.

Our team can manage any size job. Sometimes you just need some shingles replaced, or you may require a new metal or flat roof installed. Our crew will get it done. Hart & Sons provides comprehensive roofing services, as well as full renovations. We also help you with insurance claims! If recent bad weather has damaged your roof, we can help you get things sorted out with your insurance company.

With over 100 years of experience in roofing services, we can expertly evaluate and repair any problem you might have. Is your roof starting to leak? Are you moving into a new home, and not really sure if the roof will hold up? Ask our team for a free quote. Don’t Wait! If you need any of the following roofing services in Plainfield, you should give us a call today:

  • Slate Roof Repair
  • Tile Roofing
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing
  • Insurance Claims Assistance
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Commercial Roof Replacement
  • Flat Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Copper Roof and Gutters

Does Your Plainfield Home Need a New Roof?

There are tell tale signs that a roof may need to be repaired or replaced such as chipped and missing shingles, Storm damage, and water leaks.

What is the roof made of, and more significantly how old is it? There are many elements that play a role in how long a roof will last. A 20 year old, asphalt shingle roof tends to be at the end of its service. Inspecting the shingles can help to determine the right course of action. Most people think they can reduce costs by just repairing their roof. However, we have found that in many cases it is actually cheaper in the long run to replace your roof instead.

A tile or metal roof is a completely different scenario. Depending on the degree of damage, simply repairing it may be the best option. Tiles are easy to replace since they are installed individually. There are also flat roofs, usually covered in a rubber, PVC, or other synthetic material. These roofs vary in longevity depending on the material and quality of installation. Flat roofs are prone to water leakage, so call us right away if you have a problem! Flat roofing requires great skill and correct installation techniques; a novice roofer can easily botch the job. A flat roof can last as little as 10 years, or more than 50 years depending on the material that is used.

Metal roofing is distinct in that it is composed of recycled content. If you are trying to go green, you should consider a metal roof. Even better, once installed, they can last for as long as a building is standing, which means no tear-offs of materials that ultimately end up tossed in landfills.

Choose only the Best Roofing Services In Plainfield NJ

When choosing a roofing contractor, you want someone who is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Hart & Sons should be your only choice. We offer affordable pricing, and expert workmanship. Cutting corners isn’t in our vocabulary, so you can rest easy knowing our team will replace or repair your roof with quality.

For the best roofers in Plainfield, you should call Hart & Sons Inc. today at (908) 755-7000!