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Commercial and residential property damage repairs

Many of our clients approach us for help after a storm, flood or fire has caused damage to the exterior of their home or business. Sometimes repairs are needed because a structure is aging, or perhaps from improper installation. When this happens, we know you want your property restored quickly and properly. Be assured, our restoration contractors in Maplewood and Plainfield, NJ are skilled and equipped to handle any type of exterior repairs.

Hart & Sons, Inc. has been around for more than 100 years and will instill fine European craftsmanship learned from our fathers into your home or commercial property. Call us today at (973) 761-7676.

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What does a restoration contractor do?

When your home or business property is no longer functioning the way it was intended, a restoration contractor will reconstruct it back to the original state. 

Often, a restoration contractor will work with insurance companies when damage is covered under a policy. Sometimes property owners will consider modifications or improvements at this time while a property is being renovated.

A restoration contractor must have a diverse set of skills, equipment and supplies to repair every type of damage and different structures. 

How to choose a restoration contractor

When choosing a contractor to restore your property, it is important to consider the firm’s experience, skills, and resources. 

Many older structures have unique woodwork that can’t be replaced at Home Depot. Hart & Sons, Inc. owns a 20,000 square foot factory in Plainfield where we can custom manufacture any woodwork needed to exactly match components in your property. 

We also own our own metal fabrication equipment so we can easily manufacture decorative copper roofing, aluminum parts and metal flashings.

A contractor who may be an expert at replacing shingle roofing may not have much experience repairing a slate roof. For more than one century we have been replacing every type of roofing material from slate, to rubber, to metal. The inventory of slate in our warehouse is the largest in the Northeast.

Will work be done by a subcontractor?

One other thing you may want to know about hiring a restoration contractor in Union or Essex County. Do they use their own employees or subcontractors? At Hart & Sons, Inc. all of our staff are employees. Many have worked with us for decades. We know what results to expect.

When might you need a restoration company?

Sometimes damage happens swiftly such as from a storm or flood causing the need for emergency repairs. A tree may fall on your roof causing rain to come in or an ice build up destroys gutters and facia boards or part of your roof. 

Other times, restoration is needed when a building has been damaged over time such as from aging, neglect or an improper installation. Failing paint can cause wood to rot. Loose or missing mortar can allow bricks to crack or decay.

Some of the causes of damage to your property might be:

  • Storm damage
  • Hail, wind and rain
  • Water damage due to flooding
  • Leaking roof
  • Ice dam issues
  • Commercial building restoration
  • Aging historic home or building
  • Foundation settlement
  • Improper installation

Types of Restoration Contractor Service 

If your Northern New Jersey home or building has exterior damage, Hart & Sons, Inc. can fix it. We can complete full restoration services for nearly every part of your property. After assessing any damage or needed repairs, you will get our assessment along with any options for making the repair.  Our goal is always to do the job the right way.

Here are some of the more common restoration projects we work on:

Complete Carpentry – Any type of carpentry services needed to restore your home or business such as reframing rotted windows, doorways and dormers. When rain damages your flooring or a staircase, we can fabricate the exact same pieces in our shop.

Masonry – Repairing brick chimneys and siding is one of our specialties. With an inventory of dozens of brick colors and styles, we can match or closely match nearly any missing brick. Our teams will repair foundation cracks, porches, and all types of mortar issues.

All Roofing Configurations – Nobody can match our inventory of slate and tile, along with 100+ years of experience. We have mastered every roof configuration so work on your property will be done properly.

Construction Defect Repairs– Sometimes a prior contractor does not do a job properly and the issues do not show for months or even years. This happens more often than you can believe. Our teams will evaluate all of the repairs needed and give you any options on how you would like to proceed.

Historic Reconstruction and Restoration – Our crews have worked on dozens of historic buildings, churches, and century-old homes. All of our staff are employees trained in the European craftsmanship that most older properties in Maplewood, Plainfield, Westfield and throughout Essex County have been constructed.

Architectural Restorations – When your home or building has unique architectural features that need to be restored, there are not a lot of contractors with the equipment or know-how to get the job done. Sometimes they come to us for help! 

Restoration contractors in Maplewood NJ and Plainfield will repair your property the right way

When you hire a restoration contractor in Maplewood, Plainfield or throughout Union and Essex Counties, you will have a choice. If you want repairs done without shortcuts, by skilled and experienced contractors, that choice is clear…Hart & Sons, Inc. We pride ourselves on getting work done properly so it lasts. We are trained on the methods used when most homes and commercial buildings in North Jersey were constructed. Contact Hart & Sons, Inc. today at (973) 761-7676.

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