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When your home of business requires roof leak repairs, Hart & Sons, Inc. is here to help. Our craftsmen have been serving the community for more than one century. We are skilled in all types of roof repairs for both residential and commercial structures.

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Roof leak repair contractor you can trust

When your roof is leaking, you need to act pretty quickly or more damage can occur. Not every roof leak repair contractor is the same though. We find it a common occurrence for other contractors to insist you need a whole new roof when a simple repair can be made. Other times it may be worth it for you to fix some underlying damage while a repair is made but in order to give you the lowest quote a contractor may not mention that.

Hart & Sons, Inc. has been around for more than 100 years. We know how to provide an accurate and fair estimate to get the job done correctly. When you contact us for a roof repair, we will complete a thorough inspection and let you know the full extent of the problems, typically giving you several options to fix them. 

What causes a leaky roof?

Many times we get calls to repair a leaking roof while it is raining outside. When water is leaking into your home or building, it is a sure sign you have a problem. 

Storm damage – One of the main reasons for a leaking roof is due to storm damage. Shingles can be blown off a roof or a heavy branch can fall and puncture a hole through the sheathing. 

Ice melting – When cold weather strikes Central New Jersey, we often get big snow and ice storms that are known to clog gutters. When the ice melts the water can be forced under the shingles causing a shower inside your home.

Age – While a properly installed slate roof can last 150 years or more, most asphalt shingle roofs are only designed to protect your home for 20-30 years. When the materials start to break down, it can start to curl or crack allowing water to get in. 

Improper installation – Another big reason you may have a leaky roof is that a prior contractor was inexperienced or took shortcuts to get work done quickly. We see it all the time with improper nailing, inadequate flashing material, and misaligned shingles. 

Weak areas – There are certain areas of your roof that will wear out faster than others. This is typically where two sections of the house meet. Rain water is then redirected and may be forced up under weakened shingles creating a leak.

Common places where you may see signs of roof leak

  • Where addition meets house
  • Where porch meets house
  • Where extension meets house
  • Where roof meets wall
  • Where two roofs meet
  • Around a chimney
  • Below vent pipes or ventilation

Issues that can result from a roof leak

When you see any signs of water along your ceiling, it is time to call for roof leak repair services. 

Water that enters a structure can cause damage to sheetrock, paint, flooring, rugs, curtains, and furniture. Sometimes the water travels along a ceiling to a low point such as a light fixture opening and will dump out on whatever is below. 

However, other damage may be less visible. You might not notice the leak right away. Or, perhaps you put it off because it is only a minor inconvenience.

If you delay in having the issue fixed, it can cause much more significant problems. 

Mold – Once the wood under your roof or in the attic gets wet, it will quickly attract mold. This can be nearly impossible to remove and will usually require a section of the underlying plywood to be replaced along with a large section of shingles.

Insect damage – Termites, Carpenter ants and bees love soft wood. When the wood that makes up an attic absorbs enough water it becomes a breeding ground for wood-boring pests. 

Saturated insulation – Water dripping from your roof can soak into the insulation causing it to deteriorate, attract mold or become ineffective. 

Ventilation issues – The soffits and air vents in your attic are designed to circulate air allowing heat to escape and prevent moisture buildup. Wet wood could warp making these components less effective. 

Roof leak repair specialist who fix all exterior issues

Our goal at Hart & Sons, Inc. is to fix your roof leak correctly the first time. This may require repairing more than just a few shingles. When you have damage that goes beyond a small patch, we will be prepared to complete any task. With expert craftsmen fully trained in carpentry and masonry, we can complete all types of repairs such as chimneys, dormers, siding, brick and stone work. 

In fact, we provide complete restoration services with more than just words to back it up. We own a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Plainfield stuffed with equipment allowing us to custom replicate any wooden object. So when you need custom decorative railings, balusters, trim, flooring, drip molding or even a cupola, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, our shop has a full-scale metal fabrication equipment setup so we can bend, cut, shape and manufacture any components for your roof, accent pieces, decorations and custom yankee gutters. 

One more thing you should know is that we have a fully stocked warehouse with nearly any type of wood imaginable. So, when you have an older home, historic building or unique wood features on your structure, we will be better equipped than anyone to quickly make a repair that matches the way it was originally. 

For those of you with a slate roof that is leaking, our lot houses the largest inventory of slate in the Northeast so we are prepared to replace any slate tiles that may have been damaged. 

Similarly, if your leaky roof is caused by storm damage and a chimney was involved, we can choose from dozens of brick styles in-house to more closely match the color and size of existing materials.

We have been doing this for a long time and know that sometimes a simple roof leak repair can involve other exterior modifications and that not all roofs are the same.

Types of leaky roofs we repair

Residential roof repair

There are a lot of roofing “professionals” out there who can tear up some old shingles and put down some new ones at a cheap price. But you truly get what you pay for. When we fix a leak on a residential roof, we do it the right way using European craftsmanship we learned from our fathers that inspired many of the homes built in Maplewood, Westfield, Short Hills and beyond.

We are experts at our trade which includes knowing how to properly fix much more than a few asphalt shingles. When you hire Hart & Sons, Inc. to fix your roof leak, you can have the confidence that we know how to make sure all parts of your roof are in proper working order.

It does not matter if your roof is made of slate, clay tiles, metal, wood or asphalt shingles, we are fully trained in every aspect of making the repair.

Commercial roof leak repair

When it comes to commercial buildings, our teams are equally qualified. We are intimate with all the different types of materials used on commercial buildings. 

Flat roof leak repair – Most businesses and commercial buildings have a flat roof or low-slope roof that uses a variety of materials such as metal, SPF, EDM or TPO. A leak in the roof of your business or shop could cause damage to inventory, expensive equipment or make it dangerous for customers. Landlords and property managers will also want to resolve these types of issues quickly to avoid displacing tenants.

Hart & Sons, Inc. provides 24-hr emergency service to stop a leak until a full evaluation and long term repair can be made. 

FAQs about roof leak repair in Maplewood, Westfield, Plainfield

Is roof leak covered by insurance?

A roof leak caused by a storm or accident may be covered by insurance. If your roof is leaking because of old age or neglected maintenance, it is unlikely to be covered. Always check with your insurance company to be certain.

What Are the Most Common Leaky Roof Repairs?

The most common issues we see causing a leaky roof are due to missing shingles, faulty flashings, gaps along skylights or ridge cap, chimney issues or a puncture from a tree branch.

Why is there a leak if my roof is fairly new?

Many times this is due to storm damage or other incidents that shifted or damaged shingles. There may have been excess foot traffic on the roof or it could be a faulty installation.

Make Hart & Sons, Inc. your roof leak repair company

Whether your roof is leaking during heavy rain or just a drizzle, you have a problem that needs to be fixed right away. Hart & Sons, Inc. is a roof leak repair company who will correctly identify your issue, give you any options for a repair and make sure your roof leak is fixed properly. For more than 100 years our company has been repairing roofs in Northern New Jersey towns like Maplewood, Westfield, Plainfield, Scotch Plains and Summit. We are ready to help you. Call Hart & Sons, Inc at (973) 761-7676.

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