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If you have a slate roof and suspect something is wrong, contact the New Jersey slate roof repair contractors at Hart & Sons, Inc. right away for an assessment. Odds are that a simple repair can be made to get your roof fully functional again. Having your slate roof fixed by a team who specializes in slate roofing repairs will make sure that the work is done properly and extend its life for many years. We have been around for more than 100 years and have repaired hundreds of slate roofs during that time. Call us today at (973) 761-7676.

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Signs of Damage to a Slate Roof

When something goes wrong with your slate roof you need to act quickly before it becomes a bigger problem. There are several tell-tale signs of damage to a slate roof that when spotted you will want to get repaired right away.

• Cracks, misaligned tiles and missing tiles – A slate roof should have a uniform structure of tiles placed in rows. So, it can be fairly easy to spot when a tile is missing, out of place or has broken corners.

• Interior leak – When water is dripping from your ceiling you know you have a problem. But light water stains or dampness can also signal a leak.

• External greening – A collection of moss on the top of your slate roof not only looks unsightly, it can actually pull tile apart causing gaps.

• Sagging Roof – Any type of sagging or bowing of your roof line is a definite sign a repair is needed.

There are other signs that a professional might spot during an inspection or maintenance such as water stains in an attic, hairline cracks, or softness of slate tiles showing the integrity has been compromised. We suggested contacting us for an annual maintenance inspection.

Type of issues we find with a slate roof

When you contact Hart & Sons, Inc. for a repair to your slate roof, we will do a thorough inspection and provide you with an assessment of how to fix the problem properly. Most of the time, repairs needed to a slate roof are minimal.

While sometimes damage is from natural causes, often we find inexperience workers were the cause of the problem.

Some of the common issues we find include:

• Tree damage
• Hail damage
• Improperly soldered joints
• Incorrect nails
• Excess traffic on the slates causing hairline fractures
• Incorrect underlayment

Common slate roofing repairs

When you have one or two damaged or missing slate tiles, the repair is fairly straight forward. We can match the type and color of your slate from our extensive inventory and replace the damaged tiles.

Sometimes water damage may have caused more extensive issues and we will have to remove a larger portion of the roof to fix the underlayment. Then replace the slate properly.

Typically, we find damage along roof valleys and in dormers where there may be inferior products used or improper maintenance. Having these issues fixed when identified will extend the life of your roof for many decades.

Delaying repairs to a slate roof

A well-constructed slate roof can easily last 100 years or more (find out more about how long a slate roof will last). So periodic repairs and maintenance will help extend its life for a long time.

Property owners who choose to delay a repair will eventually invite Interior leaks, mold, foundation issues, and much more costly repairs down the road.

A simple repair today can help prevent a major repair in a few years.

Replacing a slate roof with asphalt shingles

A slate roof will have an extremely long lifespan somewhere between 80 and a few hundred years. Depending on how old the roof actually is, the type of slate and the condition of the tiles, it is likely that a slate roof will only need a repair.

In the case where all of the slate truly needs to be removed, replacing it with asphalt shingles is still not always the best option. Certainly, a new slate roof will cost more to install initially, but over time an asphalt shingle roof will need to be replaced many times during the lifespan of a new slate roof.

Some roofers will “encourage” you to replace slate with asphalt as they will make more profit. But If you own a slate roof, it is important to consult with a roofer who specializes in slate roofing before making a decision to replace with standard asphalt shingles.

Benefits of having a slate roof

There are all kinds of roofing materials available today but few if any have all the advantages of owning a natural slate roof.

Appearance – Every slate roof is like a work of art. They all have different looks, colors, and style.

Low maintenance – A regular inspection and minor repairs will keep a slate roof functioning for a century or more.

Long lifespan – Modern asphalt shingles will typically last 20-30 years and start to lose their luster long before that. A quality slate roof can last a century or longer and retain its appearance.

Energy-efficient – Slate has energy efficient properties that keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Fire and mold resistant – Added safety you won’t get with most other products.

Environmentally-friendly – Constructed from all-natural materials, the slates can be reused for other projects even after 100 years on a roof.

Increased valuations – Get more money on resale of property with a natural slate roof.

Common types of slate used in roofing

In the United States, slate roofs can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Slate is typically categorized as weathering or non-weathering, to designate how much the color may fade over time. Most roofing slate found in the US comes from quarries in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont and New York.

The two most common types of slate used in roofing in the Northeast are from Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Pennsylvania slate comes in black, dark grey and greenish. It tends to be a bit softer than other types of slate.

Virginia slate comes in a variety of dark blue and black tones. It tends to be harder and can have a lifespan of 1-200 years.

With our massive inventory of all types of slate in our Plainfield, NJ facility, we can match nearly any type of slate and won’t have to wait to order it.

Structures with slate roofs we have worked on

Hart and Sons, Inc. has been around for more than a century and has worked on hundreds of slate roofs as well as patios and siding. As one of the largest inventories of natural slate in the northeast, we have the product on hand to match most existing structures so we are always ready to get started.

Some of the structures we have had the privilege to work on include:

• Commercial buildings
• Residential homes
• Educational
• Municipal
• Religious
• Historical renovations

Our slate roof repair process

When making a repair to a slate roof, Hart & Sons, Inc. will only use industry standard repair methods. From decades of experience we have repaired every kind of slate issue imaginable and have seen some questionable “repairs” from other roofers.

Our process starts with a thorough inspection. We look for signs of water damage, sagging, and cracked tiles.

After accessing the damage, we will discuss any repair options so you are well informed. Often this will include other issues we detect that may cause future issues such as damage to chimney pointing or rotting dormers.

Since most slate roofs will last for 100 or more years, a slate roof will be likely to only require a simple repair.

We will then repair any damaged or missing tiles, install new flashing, downspouts, sheathing, decking as needed and correct chimney issues.

Maintaining a slate roof

The most important thing you can do to extend the life of a slate roof is to properly maintain it. It does not take much and won’t cost a lot but keeping your slate in good repair will keep it top condition for many decades.

Proper maintenance should include:

Replace missing slates – When a slate is missing, it is important to have it replaced right away to avoid water seeping in and damaging the underlayment.

Tighten loose slates – Sometimes slate can come lose from weather or someone walking on it. It is easy to detect when one or more shingles needs to be more securely fastened.

Seal cracked slates – When a slate is cracked it should be replaced or sometimes sealed. This will prevent water damage.

Tar and place fabric around chimney base – These are areas that can wear out a bit faster than other areas. It needs to be kept sealed tight.

Seal along ridges – Regular inspection of ridges will tell if existing sealing is wearing out.

Install emulsion in Yankee Gutters & Valleys – We use only the proper metal for your roof. Our shop is equipped with state-of-the art metal fabrication equipment few roofers have. So, we won’t cut corners.

Advise as to the condition of the roof – When we do regular inspections of your slate roof, you will be updated on the condition and will have a good idea what repairs are needed down the road. It can save you a lot of money from inexperienced contractors who insist you have a major repair when only minor updates are needed.

Contact the slate roof repair specialists in Maplewood and Plainfield

Hart & Sons, Inc is one of the most experienced slate roofing contractors in Northern New Jersey. Our staff are all employees, some who have been with us for 40+ years. We use fine European craftsmanship learned from our fathers.

With hundreds of slate roof repairs and installations under our belt, the best equipment and talented staff, you can be assured to get quality long-lasting results. Contact Hart & Sons, Inc. today at 973-761-7676.


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