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Many homes in New Jersey were built with wooden window frames that were meant to withstand the tests of time. But a bit of maintenance is required to keep them in tip top shape. A little cleaning, sanding and painting can keep them effective indefinitely. While many newer homes have vinyl style windows, there is no need to replace all of your windows when a few of them need a window frame repair.

The skilled craftsman at Hart & Sons, Inc. can repair or replace the wood framing on older windows so they are as good as new. Call us today for more information at (973) 761-7676.

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Rotted Wood Repair

Can wooden window frames be repaired?

If you have older wooden window frames that are damaged or rotted, they can be repaired or replaced. We often do this as part of a larger building restoration project. Depending on the amount of damage there are a variety of methods of window frame repair that we use.

Can window frames be replaced using existing windows?

If you are careful with your carpentry work, it is possible to use the existing glass when you replace part of the window frame. It requires carefully removing the damaged portion of the wood by cutting it away, then using a chisel or blade to scrape the glass clean.

If you have not done this before it can be a challenge as the smallest error could cause the glass to chip or break. 

How to repair a rotted wood frame exterior?

When we repair a rotted window frame we start with a complete and thorough inspection of all the windows in your residential home or commercial building. Once we have accessed the complete damage, you get presented with any options we have to proceed. This may mean a simple repair or replacement of all your windows.

Repairing the rotted wood frame on a window, starts with removing the window from the structure. Next the damaged area is removed. If the wood is rotten on just a small portion, the damaged area is completely removed back to solid wood. Then an epoxy filler will be applied to fill in the missing area. When dry and hardened, the wood frame will be sanded, then primed and painted. 

If the rotted area is very deep but limited to a small spot, a wood patch may be used. The damaged area will be cut out and a new piece of wood with similar measurements can be cut to fill that spot. It can be attached with screws or glue. The seams will be filled with epoxy filler.

When the rotted wood on your window frames is more extensive, all of the damaged sections will be completely removed. The window is scraped clean. 

Then a new piece of wood is cut to the exact measurement of the piece that was removed. This usually requires some intricate cuts so the wood lies flush against the glass and surrounding wood frame. Some pieces may require cutouts for window mechanisms or latches. 

The new window framing is then carefully attached with sealant along the glass and glue on the wood edges to hold it in place. This may include clamps to make sure the glue dries perfectly in place. The window is then primed and painted.

Your window may also require weather stripping and new hardware before attaching. Our team will also determine the cause of the damage which might be something as simple as improperly painted drip molding. 

Using wood filler to repair small areas of rotted wood

As mentioned earlier, a wood filler such as Bondo is a standard for small repairs of rotted wood. It requires fully removing the decayed area. Then a rotted wood sealer is applied. The entire area should be cleaned and sanded. Then, two part epoxy filler is mixed. You only have a few minutes to mix and make a repair because it dries quickly. The material is applied to the damaged area with a putty knife and set to dry. Once dried the area is sanded, primed and painted. 

Wood filler is great for small rotted areas. It does require some skill to apply properly and quickly. 

Creating custom wood window frames

Maplewood, Westfield, Plainfield and the surrounding communities are filled with homes from the early 1900s and later with custom window frames and moldings. Most of the time you are not going to get a piece of wood at the Home Depot that will match the existing architecture. 

This is where Hart and Sons, Inc shines. We have a complete woodworking shop with a warehouse of lumber that would make those big box stores blush. Our skilled carpenters can custom manufacture any piece of wood needed to exactly match the existing structure. 

So even when you have standard window frames but may need custom moldings, we can do it all.

Is it worth replacing wood around windows?

Even simple repairs to rotted windows can take many hours to complete. When there is a lot of damage you may consider just replacing the windows altogether. But often when you weigh the cost of a complete new window installation, it will be far more costly than repairing the frames. 

Usually when you decide to replace one, or a few windows, you will need to replace them all or risk having a bunch of windows that do not match. 

Most of the time your existing windows are still functional. Yet replacing them will just add to a landfill. Many older New Jersey homes have window frames that require some maintenance but were designed to last. With some simple repairs, they can continue to do their job for decades.

Who fixes wood window frames in the Maplewood, Summit, Westfield area?

The expert exterior carpenters at Hart & Sons, Inc. are experienced and qualified to fix any damaged or rotted window frames. We do not take shortcuts or attempt to give you an inferior product for price. Our crews are trained in traditional European craftsmanship, the same as the folks that likely built your home or building. 

Call Hart & Sons at (973) 761-7676 to have your window frames repaired by experts.

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